Marketing. SYSTEM. Revenue.
If you are a business owner who wants to increase sales... you need this!
It All Starts With A System...
Make Your Website A Conversion Machine
Use Google To Maximize Web Traffic
Make Great Content to Create Customers
Build Business Income With Social Media
(Over a $3500 Value)
Who Needs The BACON Training System?
If you are looking to generate more sales by attracting the right clients or customers for your business,
then you need to have this proven step-by-step powerful strategy to contribute to your bottom line… ROI!

Expert Advice
Work with me directly with a personal strategy session and a "Do & View" one-on-one coaching session.

Insider Secrets
Google calls me... and I can share with you the insider secrets that they have taught me through this system.

On Demand Resources
Access to all my internet training resources used to help my coaching clients increase revenues and ROI!

Ongoing Support
Private Facebook group to help you along the way to get the support you need... when you need it!
With The BACON Training System
You Get Access To ME And My Amazing Training...
  • Internet Marketing Basics
  • The Marketing Trifecta
  • Killer Websites
  • Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Video & Audio
  • Lead Magnets
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Using Groups
  • Repurposing Content
And... With The BACON Training System
You Get These Amazing Bonuses...
$2500 Value
$500 Value
$500 Value
(Over a $3500 Value)
On-Demand Self-Paced Training
Start off with A Complete System that has proven to help people double and even triple their income.

The complete and proven class will show you tips and tools that you can use to attract your perfect customers.

It starts with the Marketing Trifecta... A Killer Website, Google Analytics, and Content Marketing Basics

Next, you with learn the priciples of content creation including: Blogging, Video & Audio, and Lead Magnets.

Finally, you will learn the best practices to distribute your content via Email Marketing and Social Media, Using Groups, and finally how-to Re-Purpose all that content to drive more traffic to your website and the Marketing Trifecta!!

This is not your typical online training course, but more like an online resource library at your fingertips.

Each segment come with actionable homework that helps you make the most of these incredible training priciples and tactics.
Outstanding Bonuses...
Are You Interested In Making More Profit In 2017?
It's About Having The RIGHT System
It starts out with having a strategy that fits your business and needs. Together, we develop a plan to help attract the right highly profitable clients or customers.

The Marketing Trifecta is all about driving traffic to your website. Part of that strategy session includes a FREE website evaluation which will show you where you may be missing opportunities.

If you need additional help and guidence, there are multiple options to continure your learning and make your business growth exponential!
Clients are Delighted with THEIR RESULTS from
The BACON Training System
and Are Singing Its Praises...
John Nachtrieb
solopreneur / barcode tester
  • My business has improved dramatically since working with Brian and The BACON System. My goal was to stimulate lead generation by driving traffic to our website, and it has worked very well and consistently, and helped to keep me organized and focused. This has increased the number of new clients, and I have been able to reach and retain higher quality clients in the process!"
<b>Kevin Drendel </b>
Drendel & Jansons Law
Kevin Drendel
regional law firm owner / community activist
  • We were floundering in a sea of marketing promises and high costs for pay for click and all other sorts of get clients fast schemes that generated a lot of traffic, but not very many real clients. Brian calmed the sea with a longer term and more solid approach that actually fits into our philosophy of establishing relationships and reputation. We now have steady traffic of real clients."
Tom Wangler
small business owner / heating and air conditioner contractor
  • My Marketing Director has been working with B2B for almost a year now. Following the processes and systems, and being held accountable, has resulted in a steady and increasingly sharper curve up in low cost leads. More importantly, these highly qualified internet leads are resulting in sales!"
Kari Trotsky
solopreneur / in-home pet euthanasia
  • When I realized my lagging numbers and decrease in revenue was due to falling Google rankings, I called Brian for help. By using his system I had AMAZING results. In only 1 week my rankings were back up in Google, and within 2 weeks I was inundated with new client calls and emails! Thank you!!!!!!"
Using the BACON SYSTEM, real people in small to mid sized businesses like yours have seen an increase of internet traffic (up to 1000%) and increase of revenues (up to 100%) in a relatively short period of time without spending a dime on Google AdWords (or other internet advertising platforms).
Author • Speaker • Coach - One of the Top 40+ Digital Strategists in Marketing
Award Winning Author of the Best Selling Book
"It's Not About You, It's About Bacon! Relationship Marketing In A Social Media World!"
I have been marketing for 35+ years. Over the course of that time I have learned that marketing has never changed, but the technology has evolved.

Through corporate and entrepreneurial ventures I have learned how to use audio, video, web and many other technologies that are still so applicable today.

I am a certified Google expert and work with my clients to help them use the internet to make more money.

I have learned how to use social media, email, blogs and podcasts to effectivly generate new and sustainable business. I did this by first doing it for myself, and then teaching others as an adjunct professor, speaker and coach. My passion is to help you from being taken advantage of by those robo-call, local marketing, SEO hawkers who promise traffic, but only deliver invoices for their services.

Other people and programs can may you website traffic, but do people from China and India buy from you? The BACON System helps you reach people in your space and area that want and need what you sell and have the money to afford your products and services.

The BACON System gets deep inside your business and your struggles, and helps you stand out in the noisy internet... in a way that creates REAL customers and GROWS your profits. What would your life be like if your income doubled or tripled? Would you like to find out how?

Then read on...
money-backTry the BACON TRAINING System
Now For 30 Days Risk Free!

I'm fully confident that you'll love The BACON Profit Building System on a whole new level.
If by any chance you aren't satisfied, then send us a support ticket and we'll do a full refund.

This is a 'No Questions Asked' Money Back Guarantee.
Get The BACON Training System NOW!
Start Off 2017 With A System That Is Guaranteed To Make You More Profitable…
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